1st and 2nd stage Regulator Set


You’ve started scuba diving, after logging several dives you’ve had enough of borrowing someone else’s kit or renting a poorly configured. It’s time to buy your own set!

When choosing your regulator set, it is important to consider a few key points:

  • Are you going to be on a single cylinder forever? Sometimes it’s worth looking at a set that’s easy to upgrade into Sidemount or Twinset use, spend a little bit more to start with and be future proof!
  • Are you going to be using this for a traditional configuration or a Long hose setup? Not all 1st stages are made equal and having the ports pointing in the right direction will make a big difference.
  • Piston or Diaphragm? The Piston design gives a better gas flow, but the diaphragm deals with the cold better. Consider the new Mares 2020 designs that use Hybrid design to give you the best of both worlds!
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