Suex was founded in 1999 with the goal to manufacturer a high performance technical diving vehicle for all diving professionals and applications, long range exploration diving, technical and deep diving, as well as the Navy's many applications.

Performance, reliability, manoeuvrability, complete product range and the excellent after-market service are the cornerstones that make Suex undisputed leader in the underwater scooter market.
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Suex Eron XK - DPV
£7,095.00 Regular price £7,195.00
Suex 7Seven - DPV
Regular price £1,850.00
Suex Eron XJT - DPV
£4,195.00 Regular price £4,595.00
Suex Eron XJS - DPV
Regular price £5,995.00
Scooter Universal Tow Leash
£12.50 Regular price £15.00

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