why DLS courses?

We are probably one of the most versitile and bespoke teaching entities in the north-west of the UK, with in house Instructor Trainers, Examiners, etc. we can meet your demands in training at any level.

hands-on learning

Special step-by-step tutorials and approach

personalized support

Get one-on-one support from our experts

stress-free learning

Learn at pace that suits you anywhere

Transaprent Pricing

100% transparancy on prices and all your costs.

Available BSAC Courses

about BSAC

Our mission is to become the 'go to' community for anyone wanting to learn about, enjoy and protect the underwater world. We believe British scuba diving offers the most thrilling, challenging and rewarding diving you are ever likely to do. It offers adventure, opportunity, friendship and fun like no other sport we’ve come across.

We believe these adventures need to be supported with the highest quality diver training, safety recommendations and an extensive network of clubs and centres so people can choose how, when and where they wish to dive and train.

We support our community of clubs, individuals and our incredible volunteers in their pursuit of fabulous and safe diving. Established in 1953 the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) is the National Governing Body for scuba diving and snorkelling in the UK.

learn from the best

Our multi faceted team will not just meet your demands, they will surpass them. When it comes to quality of education we are 100% dedicated to employ modern, effective and to-the-point training techniques.

develop real skills

We won't just do it all for you, or get you to kneel on the bottom to do some skills. Our approach is extremely real-world, and modern.

no limits

You'll never hear things like 'ow you don't need to know about that at your level', we are a no-limits training group that will always encourage your curiocity and growth.

meet our expert team

Oli van Overbeek

Oli is an instructor trainer, examiner, tecnical and CCR instructor with various agencies and is keen to teach any level of diving!

Dave Keany

Dave is a very experienced instructor with mulitiple agencies and a course director with NAUI

Mel Taylor

Mel is an experienced recreational instructor, first aid expert and NAS instructor

Tom Aucott

Tom is a fairly new instructor but a very experienced diver who is wildly passionate about project & technical diving.

James Monty

James is a fairly new instructor but has been a Diveleader for a year and a day. James is always happy to help and most customers love his approach.

Dave Pilgrim

Dave is a very experienced master instructor who has taught all over the world.

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