AQOR - Deluxe Travel Wing Set

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AQOR - Deluxe Travel Wing Set

SS backplate / Standard Aqor Gray - £770.00
  • SS backplate / Standard Aqor Gray - £770.00
  • ALI backplate / Standard Aqor Gray - £770.00
  • SS backplate / Personal Edition (fully custom) - £885.00
  • ALI backplate / Personal Edition (fully custom) - £885.00

AQOR - Deluxe Travel Wing Set


Introducing the AQOR Rec 25 DELUXE Travel set, meticulously crafted to cater to the discerning diver who prefers mono bottle configurations. Specifically tailored to meet the demands of this diving style, our set ensures optimal performance and versatility.

The included wing is perfectly suited for mono bottles up to 10 liters in capacity, with a maximum recommended size of 12 liters. Engineered with precision, it features an integrated mono bottle adapter, facilitating seamless attachment and providing stability throughout your dive. Should the need arise, the adapter can be easily removed and replaced with an alternative from our range of accessories.

Comprising the core components necessary for a superior diving experience, this set includes the AQOR Wing Rec 25 paired with your choice of backplate. Opt for the robust AQOR 3 mm stainless steel backplate or the lightweight AQOR 3 mm aluminum alternative, both equipped with a reliable DELUXE adjustable harness for enhanced support and comfort.

Within the scope of delivery, you'll find essential accessories to complement your setup. The AQOR weight pocket set offers convenience and balance, with 4 kg weight bags ensuring precise buoyancy control. Additionally, two AQOR bottle straps made from durable stainless steel (each weighing 400g) provide secure attachment for your equipment. To fine-tune your buoyancy, two AQOR trimming lead bags, weighing 2 kg each, are included. Completing the set, two AQOR screw sets, complete with O-rings, ensure secure assembly and peace of mind throughout your dives.

Elevate your diving experience with the AQOR Rec 25 Deluxe Travel set, meticulusly designed and crafted to exceed expectations in performance, durability, and functionality. Fully CE tested in Germany.

Scope of Delivery:

  • 1 x AQOR Wing Rec 25
  • 1 x AQOR 3 mm aluminum or SS backplate with adjustable harness
  • 1 x AQOR weight bags (4kg per bag)
  • 2 x AQOR bottle straps (stainless steel, 400g each)
  • 2 x AQOR trimming lead bags (2kg each)
  • 2 x AQOR screw sets incl. O-rings


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