Divesoft - Emergency Spool

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Divesoft - Emergency Spool

Divesoft - Emergency Spool



 Thin and firm cord from Dyneema fibers, wounded on a plastic spool. The length of the cord is 90 m (300 ft.) and its tensile strength is 540 N (120 lb.). Despite the cord’s large length, the reel is narrower than common diving reels, due to which you can comfortably carry it in the pocket of the cutaway. The reel is designed as an emergency tool when diving in currents. If you cannot find the mooring rope, you can attach the cord to a stone or a reef on the bottom a during ascent you can unwind the reel. This way, you will stay anchored in one place and will not be carried away from the boat by a current. Similarly, you can attach the weight belt to the cord and use that as an anchor. It has already happened numerous time that a diver was carried by a current onto the open sea and was never seen again. The emergency reel, if carried during dives inch which there is such danger, can significantly increase the chances for survival.

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