Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit for ali Cylinder

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Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit for ali Cylinder

80cf - £60.00
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  • 7L - £60.00

Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit for ali Cylinder


Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit for ali Cylinder

The Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit includes all the hardware needed to quickly rig a cylinder for decompression or stage purposes. The kit includes two 1" stainless steel boltsnaps, stainless steel jubilee band with the appropriate diameter for either 40cuft, 80cuft (11L) or 7l cylinders, nylon tube webbing cover for the jubilee band to stop metal on metal contact against the cylinder, braided nylon line that allows a secure connection without any fixed metal to metal contact, choice of MOD decal and a EPDM retaining band for streamlined storage of regulator hoses.

The Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit has been designed to have no metal to metal contacts. As such each end of the rigging kit can be cut free in an emergency if so required.

Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit features:

  • Two 1" stainless steel boltsnaps
  • Stainless jubilee band
  • Nylon jubilee band cover with 'H' lettering
  • Correct length of nylon line
  • Choice of marking decal
  • Elastic EPDM hose retaining band
  • Available for 40cuft, 80cuft and 7l cylinders
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