Halcyon Halo Second Stage, balanced

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Halcyon Halo Second Stage, balanced

Halcyon Halo Second Stage, balanced


Halcyon Halo Second Stage, balanced

The Halcyon Halo is performer in absolutely all environments, perfectly suited to cruising along a shallow reef or adding an extra mile to a deep underwater cave in the middle of nowhere. The Halo Second Stage is a balanced design which offers an extremely smooth breathe at all depths and cylinder pressures, then is no sensation of the mechanisms 'clicking' into action even when taking the most subtle of breaths. The smoothness of the breathe is helped by the use of a larger than normal diaphragm that responds better to a slight reduction in pressure better than a smaller diaphragm.

The Halcyon Halo second stage is ideal for stage bottles as the cracking pressure of the reg can be really tightened up, this helps to reduce the chance of freeflow of any regulators that aren't in use an reduces gas loss to a minimum in high flow situations or when scootering. A diver adjustable venturi also allows gas flow around the inside of the second stage to be controlled further helping to reduce the chance of freeflow and improving breathing resistance when in use.

Halcyon Halo Second Stage Features:

  • Balanced, adjustable downstream valve
  • Adjustable control knob refines inhalation resistance
  • Air Control Vane (A.C.V.) utilizes vacuum power to reduce work of breathing
  • Compatible with 40% Nitrox (outside EU)
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