Shark Artemis Umbilical Dive Light

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Shark Artemis Umbilical Dive Light

Shark Artemis Umbilical Dive Light


Shark Artemis Umbilical Dive Light

The Shark Artemis Primary Dive Light is the newest and most powerful umbilical underwater torch produced by Shark Dive Gear. With three power settings and a maximum output of 6000 lumen and a 6° center beam, this torch is able to light up any dive site. With a battery capacity of of 95Wh  the torch can provide you with hours and hours of light. Even at its max setting, it's burn time reaches 3 hours - though 50% at 3000 Lumen with approximately 7 hours burn time is plenty bright enough and we doubt you'll be diving for anything more than the 20+ hours the torch can support on 20% setting.

While burn times vary by temperature as all divers know, cold conditions do not effect Lion batteries as much as others and we're very impressed this torch comes with a battery pack consisting of 12 high quality Panasonic cells of the type used in laptops that are known to be able to support computers for years on. 

Every effort has been made to ensure the Artemis can consistently meet and even exceed its maximum depth rating. The glass (lens) on the light head reflector is held in place with a circular cover boasting 6 screws as if made for commercial operations, ensuring minimum flexibility of the glass as pressure grows. The threads on either connection point are deep and three O-ring's on both sides ensure secure connection.

The opposite male-female ends of a reliable and strong umbilical cable connect the light head to the battery canister. The umbilical cable can be completely removed from both light head and battery canister, with each connection point then protected with separate screw caps. Additional transport-safety comes with a width and height adjustable Goodman Handle that can fold down on the light head to protect the reflector and to prevent the magnetic switch from accidentally being switched on there is even a screw-in removable lock.

The two jubilee clips on side of the canister hold a robust 2 inch wide webbing loop to be used for waist harness mounting and are protected by rubber coating. 

Built and distributed by Shark Dive Gear, the daughter company of Sweden-based Reel Diving and vigorously tested at development stages by Team Reel Diving in cold water conditions, the torch is manufacturer warrantied for up to 2 years while like other manufacturers, the battery pack is warrantied for 6 months.



  • 6000 lumen
  • three light levels 20% - 50% - 100%
  • burn time ca 180 min on 100% power
  • magnetic on/off switch
  • battery capacity 95Wh
  • light head weight on land 0,5 kg
  • battery pack weight on land 1 kg
  • diameter reflector 55mm
  • length light head 13 cm
  • goodman handle
  • charger
  • delivered in hard nylon case
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