Tusa Freedom One Mask

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Tusa Freedom One Mask

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Tusa Freedom One Mask


Tusa Freedom One Mask (M-211)

The Tusa Freedom One Mask provide comfort, good performance and a great fit. A textured mask strap helps to stop the mask strap slipping down especially on long hair or when wearing a hood. A low-friction mask skirt helps relieve pressure on the face and improves the mask seal. This feature has a great seal and fit while reducing leakage.


  • Low profile, low-volume 2-window teardrop design
  • Equipped with Freedom Technology
  • Skirt mounted Quick-Adjust Buckle System
  • Round-edge skirt for maximum fit and comfort
  • 3-D strap for ideal anatomical fit

Key Benefits

Quick Adjust Buckle System - This mask includes straps which can easily be adjusted to the correct size. The Quick Adjust Buckle System can even be used underwater with ease, you can even wear gloves and adjust your mask easily underwater.

3D Strap - The three-dimensional design offers comfort compared to flat masks straps. The straps fits good against a head’s natural curvature. The design helps to hold the mask securely and comfortably in place.

Low Profile - ensuring easy clearing and equalization during dives. This means you will always have a clear view of the amazing ocean you are exploring.

Stability Ridges - As water pressure increases, a mask will get tighter on the face often making it uncomfortable to wear. Tusa’s solution to this is to include stability ridges under the cheekbones which will minimize the compression keeping it comfortable to wear underwater.

Who is Tusa Freedom One Mask for?

The Tusa Freedom One mask is a great mask for divers looking for a two-lens mask that has a low profile and easy adjustment.

Who are Tusa?

Tusa are one of the world’s first scuba diving manufacturers. Tusa masks allow you to explore the ocean with comfort. Tusa make their masks with the finest material and design them for a good field of vision and comfort.

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