Waterproof D7X HYLOTECH Drysuit Ladies

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Waterproof D7X HYLOTECH Drysuit Ladies

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Waterproof D7X HYLOTECH Drysuit Ladies


Waterproof D7X Nylotech, our newly developed Tri-Lam material, soft, flexible and stronger than ever. Abrasion tested by the Martindale Method according to SS-EN ISO 12947-2:2017. Single-stitched and singled-taped for improved flexibility. Long and curved YKK/BDM metal dryzipper, placed higher up on the shoulder to enhance upper body movement as well as providing effortless donning and doffing to boost the overall diving experience. All critical parts concerning mobility, like torso, pre-bent arms and legs have been anatomically designed to enhance the freedom of movement. The neck is equipped with SI TECH Quick Neck System and comes with Waterproof Silicone Neck Seal. Extremely comfortable and easy to change. Latex and neoprene seals are also compatible. The wrists are equipped with QCS ring system with comfortable Waterproof Silicone Wrist Seals. Easy to change. Latex seals are compatible. Optimised for the use of the ULTIMA dry glove system.

NOTE: Waterproof Drysuits are non exchangeable, the are bought in on a special order basis, this is due to the rules of the importer, if you are not sure on size please contact us so we can help you select the correct size. SIZE CHECKER:

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