xDeep - STEALTH 2.0 Harness & Weight System Only

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xDeep -STEALTH 2.0 Harness & Weight System Only

M - 4 x 1.5kg - £250.00
  • M - 4 x 1.5kg - £250.00
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  • W - 4 x 2.5kg - £250.00

xDeep -STEALTH 2.0 Harness & Weight System Only


xDeep - STEALTH 2.0 Harness & Weight System Only (no Wing)

The XDeep Stealth 2.0 harness uses differing webbing thicknesses and stiffness to provide better comfort and fit. On the waist there is a stiff and rigid webbing that enhances the ease of use and operation of the D rings for cylinder mounting. Shoulder straps are softer to improve comfort, fit and flexibility. The crotch strap is very flexible, even soft, to reduce chaffing and wear on your exposure suit.

The harness has two ‘nodes’ which act as junctions for the shoulder and waist straps and for positioning the central weight pocket. The harness adjustment allows these nodes to be placed on the axis of rotation so that regardless of your position in the water, the harness will stay exactly as you set it up. The central weight pocket can move relative to the lower node for maximum comfort and zero resistance.

The Stealth 2.0 utilises an incredibly flexible weight system that has the capacity to cope with configurations from 1kg to over 20Kg and is designed to keep weights secure and immovable. Whether you are in arctic water with a thick exposure suit or in shorts and a T shirt, the weight system is flexible enough to meet your needs exactly

The flexibility designed into the Stealth 2.0 weight system ensures you control weight placement relative to your centre of gravity. The central weight pocket has a considerable range of movement, so it can be ideally positioned for balance. The same principle that is used in twinset diving when moving a V weight into the optimum position.

The weight system uses side fastening bands that are overlaid by a main band that prevents unwanted opening of the pocket, even if in contact with the ceiling of a wreck or cave. It is quick and easy to see if the pocket is improperly secured and corrections can simply be made, even underwater.

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