xDeep - ZEN Single Wing System - Deluxe Harness

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xDeep -ZEN Single Wing System - Deluxe Harness

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xDeep -ZEN Single Wing System - Deluxe Harness


xDeep -  ZEN Single Wing System - Deluxe Harness

  • Perfect Position: The wing has been carefully designed to achieve perfect positioning in water with great comfort at the surface.
  • Unique NX Series Harness: NX harness is easy to put on and take off without compromising stability, comfort and security.
  • Compatible with Boubles: Great flexibility, use your NX Series harness with doubles just by replacing the wing.
  • High lift and Minimized Drag: The gas position in the wing ensures minimal drag and no unwanted dead air spaces.
  • Incredibly Tough: Double shell Cordura wing is extremely durable, perfect for wreck diving.

The tight to the tank streamlining makes buoyancy control more precise. The wing shape adds stability due to reduced air migration and attention to the ideal balance for easy expert trim.

The ZEN wing is deliberately narrow so that it does not protrude from the side of your tank. This brings advantages in enhancing your buoyancy control, in reducing any entanglement hazards and in significantly reducing drag.

The compact engineering of the NX series inflator has allowed a reduction in the required size of the upper part of the wing. This results in a position at the surface that lifts you high out of the water and ensures lift is in the right place when submarged.

Enlarging the upper part of the backplate has achieved better weight distribution during the dive and removes load from the lumbar region. The lower plate design spreads the load comfortably, safely allowing for the optimal attachment of weight pockets and accessories.

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