Get Certified! Become an Open Water Diver in Greater Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds



Have you done your try dive? Did you love it? Well then you are ready to step it up and take on the challange of becoming an Open Water Scuba Diver!



Becoming an Open Water Diver means you will be formally qualified to dive around the world and opens a whole world of adventures and untold beauty.

The session typically involves the following components:

1. Course Introductions

A qualified instructor provides an overview of the course, when and where it will take place, what equipment you will be using and what online coursework you'll need to complete, and by when.

2. Classroom sessions

The classroom sessions are a fun, non-daunting learning experience. No one really likes classrooms, but these are hands on sessions, and often involve getting familiar with diving equipment and setup.

3. Pool sessions - basic skills

The first few in water sessions will be similar to your try dive experience, with a few more skills to practice of course. Every sessions brings a degree of re-cap from the previous, and adds more skills into the mix. With every session you feel your confidence grow.

4. Shallow Open Water sessions

When you are ready, your instructor and divemaster will take you to an outdoor site, here they will coach you to put all the skills you learned into practice and conduct actual real dives, the first few will be shallow, and will have a great deal of leadership and guidance. As your confidence grows so will your enjoyment.

5. Deeper Open Water Sessions

The last day of your course will have 2 more challenging dives, they will be a little deeper, you and your buddy might lead them, but don't worry your instructor and dive master will never be far away.

6. experience dives

All students will have the opportunity to gain further experience post qualification, and book onto a series of experience dives with an instructor and/or a dive master. These sessions are included in our payment plan packs and are highly recomended!

We highly recomend you give us a call or send us an email so we can advise you on our pricing and affordable payment plans. Course Prices start from £325


Why Choose Our Dive Training Programs?

Our Training programs stand out for their emphasis on safety, hands-on experience, and personalized instruction. We prioritize small class sizes to provide individual attention, allowing you to master essential skills with confidence. We offer entry level training with multiple agencies and have a diverse team of instructors to accomodate your needs. You can learn to dive with us under BSAC, RAID, SDI, and PADI.

hands-on learning

Special step-by-step tutorials and approach

personalized support

Get one-on-one support from our experts

stress-free learning

Learn at pace that suits you anywhere

Transaprent Pricing

100% transparancy on prices and all your costs.

what does it cost, how long does it take?

Scuba Diver Courses or Open Water Courses start from £325, they run every thursday evening and take a few hours. After doing some self study at home, you meet your instructor either at the shop or at the pool (whatever you have arranged), all key skills will be explained prior to the in water session.

We use both Eccy Delph and Capernwray dive sites for our open water sessions. Experience dives generally take place in either capernwray, Anglesey, or the Clyde. We run regular trips up and down the country as well as Malta and Egypt. 

Learning to dive will open a whole new world to you, one you will likely wish you had been introduced to earlier.

Contact us today and find out about our amazing payment plans.

what comes next?

After you've completed your Open Water course you might want to sign up for either Drysuit or Nitrox course. This will hughely extend the type of diving you can do, and can be pretty essential going forwards :)

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learn from the best

Our multi faceted team will not just meet your demands, they will surpass them. When it comes to quality of education we are 100% dedicated to employ modern, effective and to-the-point training techniques.

develop real skills

We won't just do it all for you, or get you to kneel on the bottom to do some skills. Our approach is extremely real-world, and modern.

no limits

You'll never hear things like 'ow you don't need to know about that at your level', we are a no-limits training group that will always encourage your curiocity and growth.

meet our expert team

Oli van Overbeek

Oli is an instructor trainer, examiner, tecnical and CCR instructor with various agencies and is keen to teach any level of diving!

Dave Keany

Dave is a very experienced instructor with mulitiple agencies and a course director with NAUI

Mel Taylor

Mel is an experienced recreational instructor, first aid expert and NAS instructor

Tom Aucott

Tom is a fairly new instructor but a very experienced diver who is wildly passionate about project & technical diving.

James Monty

James is a fairly new instructor but has been a Diveleader for a year and a day. James is always happy to help and most customers love his approach.

Dave Pilgrim

Dave is a very experienced master instructor who has taught all over the world.

Dave Pilgrim

Dave is a very experienced master instructor who has taught all over the world.

Dave Pilgrim

Dave is a very experienced master instructor who has taught all over the world.

Dave Pilgrim

Dave is a very experienced master instructor who has taught all over the world.

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Get in touch with us and let us know what you are looking for.

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