Seac Sub Fun JUNIOR Full Face Snorkeling Mask - XS-S 10+

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Seac Sub Fun JUNIOR Full Face Snorkeling Mask - XS-S 10+

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Seac Sub Fun JUNIOR Full Face Snorkeling Mask - XS-S 10+


Seac Sub Fun Full Face Snorkeling Mask - Junior

  • Smaller size for maximum fun! The Seac Fun is an integral snorkeling mask suitable for children aged 10 and up or adults with small faces. It is ideal for those with a smaller distance between the nose and chin of less than 10cm. The shell of the Seac Fun full face mask has reduced dimensions: this way the mask is lighter, improves comfort and is more pleasant for smaller faces. The Seac Fun also offers a perfect fit thanks to the adjustable silicone straps that are both on the upper and lower part of the head. Like all SEAC® full face masks, the Seac Fun is equipped with our patented breathing system (WO 2019/053577 A1) which allows the perfect separate ducting of the incoming and outgoing air. Breathing is natural, like out of the water in a resting situation. The residual CO₂ level are well below the guide limits. The 180 ° panoramic screen does not tarnish. The snorkel has bright colors on the end to be clearly visible on the mirror of water. The dry top system prevents the entry of water from the snorkel in case of accidental immersion. Quick-release anti panic buckles allow you to quickly remove the mask with just one hand. The skirt is made of a soft phthalate-free polymer. SEAC® full face masks are made ONLY for snorkeling.

Wide screen
Wide panoramic screen with abrasion-resistant and anti-fog polycarbonate that allows a clear 180° view

Easy to use
Seac Magica is a full-face snorkelling mask suitable for adults and children from 10 years
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